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She was up until this year;')

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Nincompoop and Huggins you guys both fail to mention what the labor rates are in those states. If you take all the unions out of missouri you will not have middle class like the south. Take every job from teacher to engineer and it is lower pay. The unions are a voice to keep the middle cl…

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While I do not care for the way it was shot down, I agree it needed to go. Give the council a good reason to annex and they will do it. I never once heard a good reason.

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Do you have any proof of this sunshine law infractions? If so bring them to light. If not get your stories straight and stop using your paper to politically drive the town. You have the option right now to run if you don't like something. What is a matter you can't take the heat? Could …

bravo men!

The city did not need to be straddle with trying to provide services.

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What is it? Well the fiscal cliff is what needs to happen to balance out the budgets. It will add more revenue and cut certain programs. The CBO said it was one of few options to get us out of this mess.

just your argument is not correct

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guy please run again for councilman

I agree with you mudder. The problem is that I would like people to stop driving on my street. I can not put up a fence. If it is on city right of way it needs to be fixed.

Can we stop trying to act like our founding fathers please. If you want to turn back time, fine we can do that. Back to the times that women did not vote and stayed home to raise the children. Not that I want to see that, but I am sick of people saying our founding fathers "i…