If my letter gave the impression that I hated God or this country, then I can assure you that is far from my intention.

I simply don’t agree with any type of religion inside of a government setting.

I did not choose the title of my letter to the editor, and I would not disparag…

Charles, by the way, that would be ideal. That is why I think more of us need to go to these meetings.

Ok, So, the next meeting is June 12th at 10am. But Where is it located?

Can someone please share when and where the meetings are held?

What exactly are the plans for south point? Either put plans in action to build a new school, or put in window units. Don't just do nothing! This is 2011, our children should not have to suffer like this. And it's not just the AC, if you'd go to PTC meetings, you'd know the 6th grade wasn't…