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St. Clair

Every community has residents that make poor will find that if you read the paper, the online stories or watch the news consistantly. While you do not mention the town you reside in, I am sure that there have been a fair share of negative stories from your community as well. …

STCcitizen commented on District Starts Healing Process

Hats off to the students of SCHS for coming together in this difficult time to stand together and make sure every student knows they matter. And kudos to the Seniors, supported by the teachers and administration, for leading this charge. Let us all follow in their footsteps.

Hmm. Maybe if you raise tuition and get rid of all of your sports teams the enrollment will go up. You have to offer what people are looking for and compete with the other 2 year schools.

I am very interested in both sides of the story, There are two sides to everything and I hope the Missourian will do their due diligence giving readers all the information.

I really dont have an issue with the cost of the lunches, however they need to give the kids larger servings. At the Junior High and High School level they eat adult portions.