It would help in conservation, if and that's a big if, the city would report usage in a universally understood metric on the bill in terms of volume instead of flow rate.

It has been estimated that if Marijuana was legalized it would eliminate 70% of the Mexican cartels profit with nothing to replace it, which could relieve the pressure on the locals from crossing the border. As positive as that may be, it would also cut into the drug money laundering fees by…

Yes, way overblown. The case used as a rationalization would not have benefited except from the standpoint it would have kept the officers from inflaming the situation. A mature approach would have resolved it much better.

A Reality TV Show?

Come on, get real! Hoping against hope doesn't address the deep cultural forces that prop up this whole paradigm. Tweaking here, and twisting there is not a method of addressing the issues.

This is insane!


We would do better with this guy:

2) Dale Potter
Probably one of the most important influences on country and bluegrass fiddling comes from Dale Potter. The Missouri born fiddler was a master of doublstops and one of the first to copy the chordal soloing of steel guitarists. If you…

Until the teachers rise up and say it's time to end the mediocrity the Phd's in the psuedo discipline of education have fostered employing a failed 19th century model of producing workers instead of thinkers, we will keep getting the substandard performance.

Pumped up egos with a bunch…

It's too bad they didn't pull the $20 bills out of their pockets. Within 6 months of the Euro's adoption 80% of the currency was laced with Cocaine.

The oldest Republic in modern history, the last 1000 years, with the best functioning democracy that operates to the benefit of its people in the aggregate instead of the narrow self interest of a few private large corporations is Iceland.

To their credit, after a brief 6 year dance wi…

Keep up the good work Mr. Browning. Stepping on the toes of Historical Objectivity is necessary to remove the self imposed and trauma enhanced mind controlled blinders.

Most men stumble over truth and pick themselves back up and continue on as if nothing happened.