Don’t expect anything by the FAA on the closure issue until after the election, and probably not until Jan 2013.

Grant Payback
If you Google “pay back FAA grants” a lot of interesting reading comes up. Apparently the FAA can require the city payback all of the FAA grants if they are found to out of compliance. This also brings up the question of insurance coverage for the airport. If the airpor…

Just want to let everyone know the FAA received the part 16 action on the 29th.

If Joe and John do not answer, Try Amy Ludwig and Mark Anderson at MODOT, Also At the FAA try David Cushing Jim Johnson, Fred Helms, Anthony Garcia, Randy Fiertz, Katherin Baxter, Stacey Swigart, Deandra Brooks.

Wasn't the carnival at the air[port in the past?

I will try this again
I do not need to prove to you that I have spoken to the FAA, these rules are published on the internet for everyone who wants to read them. The rules are no big secret, but when people refuse to read them and follow them, then it is a problem, as i…

You can not prove AI have not spoken to the FAA. Call anyone of these people. Joe miniace, John Speckin,

I have never spoken to Catherine Lang, but I and a lot of other people have spoken with to every FAA official involved with this but not Catherine Lang, and some FAA officials that are not involved with the airport closure. Don’t read something into the article that is not …

It is obvious that you have never talked to the FAA. If you had talked to them you would understand what is meant by READING THE RULES. Places like this blog are so great, because they allow so many people to show how much they do not know. Rockman54 is correct by the wa…

What if Wal-Mart does not want to build on the airport property? Then what? What if they go to AH instead? This is starting to sound more and more like vigilante vengeance than and economic redevelopment plan. You seem to want to indicate that it is the tenant’s fault t…