Congrats. Now that you have won, can you you please take down your signs? Thank you.

Very nice Molly!!!!

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This is such a peaceful photo. Very nice job!!!

As a long time resident of Washington, I will say that I do believe that they should have used the money to invest in current schools we have. My oldest goes to WHS and has been sitting in 4 out of 7 classrooms with the windows open and she has terrible allergies. She had to go home two da…

What an awesome job on this review!!! I may just have to read this one myself. Keep up the great writing!!!

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yes i admit she is quite intriguing however she is not who I would have my daughters look up to. I have found her on YOUTUBE and she has the mouth of a sailor. The real question is what does she look like under all the makeup and false eyelashes? Why is her mother allowing her to do all t…

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Wow Kelsey!!! This is a beautiful picture of the Missouri River and bridge.