I would suspect that they will either go in at 47 & 100, or up in the new Phoenix II plaza. Figures they come out here just as I'm moving back into Chesterfield... *lol*

Good they found her! I was worried for a minute we had a serial kidnapper on our hands with the disappearance of the Colorado girl last week and now this young girl.

Hope she's okay! It was chilly out there last night!

Sen Nieves -

Can you please quit wasting everyone's time with such useless legislation? This is *not* what you were elected to do. I'm disappointed in you for wasting *everyone's* time with your continued fatwa with the media. It seems to be you, and only you, who is so concerned wi…

This story is incorrect in that there were no customers present - a friend was there with her parents and her nephews when an employee came from the back of the store and said, "Oh hey, the back of the building is on fire."

There was NO evacuation procedure in place. The cus…