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Mr. Walsh, I hope someone answers your last question because I have been trying to find the answer to that question but have not been successful.

From article - "One of the concerns is that there are two daycare centers in the area of the culvert where the man is said to be staying."

This implies, to me, that he is a threat to children. Not having a home does not make you more likely to harm children.

I was not aware that homeless people are more likely than those living in houses to be pedophiles.

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I voted for Obama and will again, given the other choice. I did not even think about voting for Obama in 2008 because I would be making history. I voted for him because we were on the brink of a depression after 8 years of republican leadership. Now, I will vote again for Obama because I hav…

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Well said Anne!

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I agree that Romney is under no legal obligation to release more taxes; however, a precedent set by his own father is to release more and by not doing so, makes it appear he is hiding something. Otherwise, why not just release them? If he has nothing to hide, he has nothing to lose. It is th…

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Once again, Romney makes a LOT more money than Obama so that is comparing apple to oranges. Also, church tithing (especially in a church where it is mandatory) is not charity.

I agree with you that taxes are screwed up but I don't think government is a different ball game than private …

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"This is a documentary movie that is neither Republican nor Democrat"

How stupid do you think we are?

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I don't think he has done anything illegal. But I also don't think that someone who wants to hold the highest office in this country should be investing his money in foreign countries if he truly cares about this country.

Of course he has paid more taxes than previous presidents. He ma…

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I'm sure Obama, like all politicians, provided proof he was a U.S. citizen before running for senator. Do you know of any other presidential candidates that were required to provide their birth certificate to the public? Or asked to for that matter? I don't think so.

As far as the tax …