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It's coming, whether you embrace it or not.

Similar sentiments were said of electricity being wide spread in its infancy. Telephones, automobiles, television.

Another letter of idiocy, courtesy of Franklin County.

Amazing how the author got the memo about this said "scientific" study was found to be untrue, yet Todd Akin wasn't informed?

Perhaps he was hanging out with the Flintstones.

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A letter that appears to have taken a bit of time by the author, just so I (and probably others) can laugh and be reminded by the total nonsense of organized religion. The Bible was written by man. I know, I know the hand of the holy spirit guided man's hand in its writing. …

KNight - I wasn't insinuating that you made up the story. I was saying that kids do stupid things all the time and they'll continue to no matter if Marijuana is legal or illegal. My point was, cherry-picking any story about kids that died while under the influence of Marijuana is not what th…

Would you let your child ride the bus if the driver was drunk? Would you have surgery if your doctor was drunk? Would you let your mechanic put brakes on your car if he was drunk? Would you want your bank teller to handle your money for you if she was drunk? I could go on and on, but I think…

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The Republican's tow a Pro-life party line. I don't know what you're talking about. Todd Akin was defeated because he was studying creationism during his 5th grade science glass, particularly the day they went over the female reproductive system. Not to knock creationism, who doesn't like th…

You should check out the person who made the movie.

And what our defense budget is at right now.....

And maybe you should read......stuff.

Marg, here you go.


You call Obama the anti-Christ, yet endorse Romney?

Marg, you should check out the Book of Mormon sometime.

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Praise Allah!

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This could be the first "indie" movie Cinema 1 Plus has picked up since The Blair Witch Project. What are the odds?