Let us only hope the judge sees through this man for what he is, a menace to society and keep him in jail!

Thank God! He is finally where he belongs. As of today I understand he now has eight charges against him. Hopefully Franklin County will see through this person for what he really is. A menace and a danger to society!

Here is a direct quote from one of jeff many diatribes, "The real criminals, those who cause provable personal injuries, loss and harm, are our own so-called elites, professionals people.Bankers, lawyers, cops, doctors, accountants, educators, most preachers and those who work for them …

This monster of a man needs to be in jail. For all the people he has hurt in the past he doesn't deserve to breath the air of freedom. He uses the name of God when he couldn't get people to do things his way. I pray he goes away for years!

With all the venom that came out of this guys mouth for years, all the hurt and pain he inflicted on so many for so long. There is no tears falling here! Maybe now he will feel the pain he has caused so many innocent people!