mrsnakess commented on Warners’ Warm-Up Coat Drive

Do not forget the homeless

Do not forget, The homeless need coats too!!!!!!!!!!

mrsnakess commented on Election Outcome

Is Romney’s depression after losing the election covered by obamacare?

How are they going to grow anything on asphalt? Isn’t the hwy 100 median a left turn lane?

AGAIN!!!! Will you make up your mind? Do you even know what you’re saying? And why restrict public comments on the lawsuit or the municipal court if taxpayer monies are involved?
These constant changing of pubic comment rules are beginning to sound as if they are of a vindictive nature.

How much for the frame?

mrsnakess commented on Comments on Telephone Books

Well aren’t you just the sarcastic little “I have a cell phone” panty waste. The only thing useless about telephone books is this garbage you wrote. I want my 15 seconds back.

mrsnakess commented on Education Tax Levy Is A Bargain

Mr. Ed it is hard to tell which end of the horse is speaking. However, with the enormous amount of generosity you seemingly posses. How about you personally cut a check to the school for the full $49m and just maybe they will name a building after you. Add another few million and you can bui…

They are using manipulation and control over the money systems to extend their control over you by influencing laws and legislations to serve their own personal interests to the detriment of the rest, and the few who do protest are vilified and cast aside as traitors and conspirators, when a…

Counting Chickens?