Mogramma commented on Calls Proposed Tax Unfair

Rather than tax individuals when purchasing tobacco products, why not tax the tobacco companies ?

Mogramma commented on Propose New Forever Tax

Tax diapers..............that's good! I said we should just tax toilet paper, which I thought was more fitting!

Mogramma commented on Save Lives, Vote Yes on Prop B

I know, why not raise taxes on toilet paper - everyone uses that!!!!!

Mogramma commented on Safer Alternative to Halloween

Don't agree with this idea! Easier for someone, dressed in disguise to have their car parked in the lot.....ready to go after taking a child and driving away. Too Dangerous. Better to walk with your children and go to homes of folks you know only!

Mogramma commented on Unasked Questions

I'm sure law enforcement is getting the "unasked questions" answered. Maybe the answers are none of our business!

Well said, Howard & "this girls opinion"! I believe Mary should watch what she says. Who knows, perhaps someday she may have a child, grandchild or great grandchild who is gay. Surely she wouldn't want to disown the child, OR WOULD SHE? I have relatives, friends, etc who…

Let's see......."one Nation, under God...", our money reflects..."in God we trust...". I'm thinking, bet we all receive and spend the money with " God we trust...". I have another idea. If a prayer is being said aloud at a meeting/gathering/conference, …

I'm sorry, but I find this letter amusing.......First of all, I have entered many public buildings that will not allow smoking inside, with individuals standing outside smoking. I have never smelled burning flesh when someone is smoking! True, there is smoke. Guess a person could hold the…

Mogramma commented on Critical of County Government

Hate to disagree with what you say..........but Warren County roads are no better!!!!

Perhaps the writer needs to verify whether some of the statements made in this letter are factual.