Mickey commented on He Downgrades Book on Obama

So Sorry Comrade Bob you lost. Mitt Romney was a weak candidate, not to mention an idiot. You believe whatever the right wing nuts tell you!

Romulus, No free market company is going to mail a letter anywhere in the US for 42 cents. If the USPS were only delivering high profit parcels like UPS and FEDEX they could compete. Just think about the cost of fuel, trucks, cars, labor, and buildings. There is no way UPS or FEDEX would tak…

You have got to be kidding me!!. We(Washington) have done without this bridge for over 30 years! Do you really think this is something we need the federal government to pay for! GIVE IT UP!! We have more important things to pay for.

Mickey commented on Fed Up With ACLU Nonsense!

Comrade Bob, You are on the wrong side. The first 3 comments were dead on. Just like your typical right winger you always fight the ACLU, but in most cases, not all they are looking out for your best interest!!

This man is an idiot. I would surely hope he doesn't win another election.

This sounds like a very dumb ordinance. Is this really nessessary? Doesnt the council have something better to do?

Glad to see him go!!

We need crosswalks by daycare centers, and by business such as the dance place by the pawn shop. The crosswalks would have to be by the corner though, so whos to say if people would walk that far to use them.

Mickey commented on China Hub, Yes

Why dont we spend that money on usa manufacturing plants or some kind of job retraining.