Are you from "the city?" Because the rural vote always tends to be more, ahem, conservative. The tea partiers coming out of the woodwork since the last election didn't help. (I do love to picture my ex-mother-in-law claiming to be a "tea bagger," as she can't even begi…

When my kids were at Marthasville Elem., the administration went through principals like Kleenex. We would just get one we would like and they'd be gone. I can think of 5 principals in the 10 years my children were at that school. All I can say is I am so happy my youngest, my son, is now…

Dear Chicken Little: The sky is not falling. Sincerely, Common Sense

It seems people always have good ideas for revitalizing a downtown area. Sir, do you yourself have the money to do so?

bsmn325, LOL!

What is "everything that has happened" in our country these past 4 years? How will the country never be the same if Obama wins the election? Your vague, almost paranoid accusations sound a little looney.

There's nothing people in small towns enjoy more than someone moving from the big city and immediately airing their grievances in the local paper. Put up a fence. Get over it.

Evidently, practice does not make perfect.

How bizarre that the letter writer was allowed to name the visitors while he himself remained anonymous!

Cigarettes have not been banned because smokers have control over where their lit cigarettes end up. No one has control of where a burning firework ends up.