April 2nd, 1974

The ones who want to run to the school to pick up their kids are just wrong. You’re not going to be allowed in and will end up simply creating confusion for the people trying to protect your kids. You’re not thinking it through clearly enough, what are you going to if an armed assailant in t…

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I'd like also like to mention that wikipedia is no a source of facts for informational purposes. So anyone with any intelligence who can use google to look it up should have. lol.

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well I tried to be nice about the discussion and see what kind of REAL people thought, but ndh3461 just wants to spew number they found online so since they seem to be of no common sense only online past and copy sense, I will no longer acknowledge them. Glad to see I'm not the only one who …

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No accidents in my 24 years of driving, Just hate to see all those kids coming out of school (many who are just getting their license to drive) along with the industrial park traffic. I was unaware of the many accidents at that intersection that required a roundabout to be needed. I know for…

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Can't wait to see all the pictures of the crashes that will happen there. I pray no one is hurt. Usually the speeds are very low in roundabout crashes so I hope everyone is safe.

What a very bad idea? Glad to see wasting money isn't limited to washmo.

Wasting more and more money and it's just sad. Just because I was born here, and live here I didn't get launched into the local superstar status that many who live here have forced onto others. Because their "last names" or "who they are" and "what they own" car…

I wonder if the city of washington will be responsible for accidents at the park? I also wonder if they are prepared for giving a specific site that will draw tagging?

Wow what a huge waste of money. What were the other options, putting sidewalks on front street...oh right... never mind? Maybe the city should fix some of the roads in town, and I'm not talking about the half-*** stuff they do when something they think is important is going to be going on in…

I wont go on a rant. You people who voted for him have seen what you've done.