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Bravo...tell it like it is.

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I think the below comments says it all.....You may recall years ago when concealed carry was discussed, tthere would be a gun fight on every corner, blood would run down the street...did not happen. Open carry will get your attention. We practice...practice....practice...we can help the pol…

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bravo ....great words of wisdom... As always ...where are the parents ????

I have not seen who PAYS the researchers to do the smoking research... If I want to keep my job in research, make the outcome what the the boss wants...he/she writes the check.

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Mercury Oxide is every where. My 8th grade teacher, Ms Hudson, would demonstrate how to make Mercury by heating the oxide in a test tube in class...cool... also, we could change the color of a penny by rubing mercury with our fingers.
This is just anorher panic attack by the EPA.

If the Missourian staff woul do their job.....investigate .. investigeate.....you might pick up a pack of smokes and notice on the side... a lable....FSC..... Fire Safe Cigaretts...they go out in a very short time. Did any one check the grease temperature ? . This is such a lame excuse for…

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Bravo...great words from the wise. The Missourian is on the right track.

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I don't think the good doctor understands the military mentality. Serving openly is the problem. Holding hands in the chow line..moans and groans in the night..is a big ..big problem. Say what you will about the cross wired brain...our military is trained to kill... and sometimes they don't …

Bravo....AMY...We need more Moms like you.

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I doubt if the mind set of the military has change since I was in the service. If you were gay you didn't last long. This was a hot topic last night with my buds... pick up a loose fire arm on the ground ...went off by accident. Politicians can pass all the bills they want. Nothing will c…