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Every visa issued is a lost job for an American

Be informed! http://www.forbes.com/sites/rickungar/2012/04/30/obesity-now-costs-americans-more-in-healthcare-costs-than-smoking/
Be fair with taxes. Just because someone smoked or was around a smoker doesn't mean the cancer didn't come from an additive in food.
I am not a smoker, ju…

I'm surprised so many teachers are falling for this. I am curious where the gambling revenue went.

It comes down to targeting to one bad addiction to fund something for the majority. Where is the funding from gambling? The government does want control and it looks like some Americans want to hand it to them. If you vote yes, don't go crying when they target something else that affects you…

I will take the "inconvenience" of needing a prescription over a meth lab any day!

There isn't anything that draws people to the city so lets take away everything. Union and Washington thank you for the money you apparently don't need. The area children don't need a pool, I guess. This is not a family friendly city.