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Domestic pets or other animals cannot infect people, as rotavirus species spreading among them are not dangerous for human-beings. Your children caught the virus from another human being.

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I'm going out on a limb here and assume that Mr. McQueen doesn't own a pet.

Why not just confront the person/persons and ask them to stop? Face to face is better than declaring it publicly in a newspaper.

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Can we all just agree that its a wonderful thing when the authorities get these people off the streets?

I happen to live near an area that was filmed for the reality show and I gotta say, witnessing this first hand was not only scary but extremely eye opening.
Sure, residents of…

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It surely seems that Mr. James Goggan has had a lot of time since 2006 to brew on his hatred for all things "immoral".

I'm sure that Mr. Goggan himself has never made a crude joke in his lifetime, right? Never said anything rude, vile or done anything immoral? Well, I find t…

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Don't be so quick to put @mrsnakess down.

You would be surprised at who takes part in illegal activity.

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Regardless of political views or religion, ALL news outlets should publish ALL the facts.
Personal opinions, views, beliefs should be sat aside. As readers, we want facts. We want both sides of the story.

I don't understand why or how, we have lost the core of what good reporting …

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But wait, it is a family friendly city, ---- "McGlenn’s mom, Barb, who is a Ward 2 alderman, agreed."

THAT is the problem.

STOP placing people in power who are related to others in power.

STOP electing a mayor who is so lost in his own head he can't figure out ho…

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This doesn't surprise me at all.

It's worse in rural areas, at least where my Mother lives. There are individuals selling meat out of their truck who constantly visit her & her neighbors trying to get them to buy it. Quite rude individuals who don't take a "No, I'm not intere…

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Am I the only one that doesn't understand how someone with that many warrants is still walking around, or driving in his case?

I suggest Franklin County and other authorities start using good old Facebook to search for their wanted people.

Amazing what you can find out when their…

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I agree with Rockman54 - I however, do not live in a rural area. I live in town and have seen school buses make rolling stops and sudden stops to prevent an even nastier accident.

Driving a big yellow school bus does not mean that they are the rulers of the road. Those drivers need to…