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cjjyc8 commented on Congress Abuses Our Values

If you are referring to the recent jobs bill, you might want to also mention that the Democratic Senate would not even pass it. Obama's own party wouldn't pass the jobs bills! Sounds like it would have been successful alright.

Who is the moron that voted Union 3rd to drop them to 126?

1.) Marty, nice copy and paste from liberal blogs.

2.) What you were writing(Copying and pasting) was going so well, then you just had to add in that last paragraph. They do not receive free healthcare. They choose from the same list of health care plans as every other government emp…

This poll is comical. Washington at 8? Borgia getting a first place vote? Come on fellas.

There is a big difference in the support for the wars. I find it shameful that you even begin to compare WWII with what is currently going on with the majority of the U.S. military ventures.

It's ok Zachary,

To those posting against the Model UN you are nothing but a brainwashed sheep that gained nothing from a mock session like this. Your hard work in preparation for the event and self education means nothing.

How quickly they are to bash the U.N.'s decisions, but …

I too am not in support of "under God" being in the pledge or any other reference to religion or God in our government. I do think it was silly to edit it out. I would think it would cause much more negative feedback than leaving it in.

@Bassoro, although I agree that not a…

Yes...learning how the U.N. operates by doing a mock session is actually the first step in brainwashing the youth of our regional schools.

And what would you have them do? Disregard the Constitution?


At least you have now focused the debate on something other than the continued question of which I previously referred to. Replace the word debate with discussion if you prefer. You asked the question, you have the answer. No voice was denied the right to be heard. But heari…