EJ, What does the NRA have to do with this. The problem did not start with a gun. It started at a childs home. Raising a child right to have respect of others and property. Teaching them to respect guns and tell them the good and bad that they can do.

X50, as the report states "Weinhaus was wearing a holstered pistol and when they ordered him to take his hands away from the gun, he unstrapped the holster and began drawing the weapon". Thats why he is in jail. Any nut case that will pull a weapon on a officer of the law would not…

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Too Cute. Way to Gracie.

I believe in raising taxes for schools and colleges. But, to put this all a single product in not right. Do you really think people will stop smoking because you add 74 cent to a pack of cigs? This is like Chicago raising the taxes on guns and ammo to prevent crimes. Just plain stupid thinking.

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This is Stephen Cordia not Gus Land. But, its a good pic.