I'm also glad they are fixing as I am using this road daily now and you have to slow down a lot to avoid dragging and there have been a few times the people behind me have not slowed and almost hit me.

brneyedgirl commented on An Unexpected Family Reunion

This story is AWESOME! I'm so happy for this family.

When my husband was promoted to corporal he didn't get a pay raise and hasn't had one in many many years.

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A different photo of this guy needs to be used. This photo makes him look like a happy great guy... surely this is not the mug shot.....???

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This is an absolute shame! If there is anyone who has a student in this school district that voted NO they apparently do not think very highly of their children's educational needs. This bond was so badly needed. I am glad my children are not in the South Point school district. I would not …

RIP Beautiful Girl

In addition, you find something else to take that you can get over the counter. I mean seriously, if you have a cold THAT bad you would want to see the doctor anyway. People are making such a big deal about having to take a particular medication. Just find something else to take.

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The pool closes too early. It is still hot out. Closing the pool mid August is a disservice to patrons. I understand that students are back in school and most of the pool staff are students, however, you could have it open from 3-8 pm and on weekend. Or at least the last few weekends.

In addition to offering Flex Spending Accounts, they need to offer Long Term Health Care. They need to give a diferent agency a chance to provide insurance for the county. After that long, we need someone to take a fresh look.

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I cannot believe that school buses are permitted to use Augusta Bottom Road, ever as a detour. That road is extrememly dangerous and people drive way to fast. I have been driving for many years and still get nervous when driving that road. People pass me b/c I don't drive fast enough for …