@bsmn325- Comparing that swimming pool to the airport was pretty cool. They were both run down and in need of alot of repairs. 1 down, 1 to go. ;)

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You forgot one more "fact". You are free to leave St. Clair anytime you wish. Bye. You let one of the Wal-Mart people come here now, and they wont be turned away. Times have changed. So have peoples attitudes in and around St. Clair, for the better. So, Mr Property owner, if it is …

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I do not want to take all of the credit. I would like to thank the 7 or 8 people who think that you must have an airport and force feed the people of the town an airport they do not want. Let them take some of the credit.

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How about if we cut off some aid to these countries? Hungry people get desperate pretty quickly and will turn on their own government.

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You do realize(I hope), that those other towns with the bigger and better pools did not have those until they got big box stores and other retail....Sales tax revenue can build a town. Until we get rid of a dilapidated airport and something other than R&R, a spray park is about all that …

Bet we would have had a way better chance at getting all of those stores.....if the airport wasnt sitting on the best piece of ground, possibly in all of Franklin County.....that is, if, those companies did contact St. Clair. Most of what you are saying Mr Atkinson, is only hearsay.

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@st.clarian- Why don't you meet up with me in St. Clair and we will walk around town and randomly ask people about the airport. We could bet one dollar for each response. I am betting I will be very happy at the end of the day, and you will not be. Ball is in your far as being t…

I have left my real name on here before. It is Doug Thurman. That's awesome that you help pay for your hobby. Congratulations on getting to pursue your dreams of being a pilot. Now would you please let the Citizens of St. Clair pursue our dreams of moving on without the airport? And why exac…

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Well, I guess that makes myself and about 4,000 others shady then. The City has been very upfront with us. And did the City accept grant money since Blum took office? The answer is no. And exactly how can the City divert these rent payments, and keep it quiet. They cannot. And if they did th…

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"some land was donated to the city by Pilots". Doesn't that mean that the City now owns it? I think so. Get that dragstrip off our lawn.