In the old Abbott and Costello skit, “I Don’t Know” is the third baseman.

Soon, that could be the answer to the question of who is playing behind the plate for the Washington Post 218 AAA baseball team.

Kent Getsee’s team would like to have the catcher from that skit, “Today,” or at least an answer today to the looming question concerning the catcher shortage.

However, the true answer might be “Yesterday.” And that’s because of the uncommon nature of the 2020 summer baseball season.

Adam Molitor was one of Washington’s catchers last season. He graduated high school in 2019.

“So, while it is not 100 percent confirmed just yet, we believe Adam Molitor will be filling in during Blain’s absence,” Getsee said. “Adam is just 13 days over the cutoff for American Legion Baseball’s normal cutoff and I’m 100 percent okay with him filling in during this very unique year. Obviously, if this was any other year, that would not even be an option.”

Molitor has started working out with the team to prepare for his time behind the plate.

How did the team get into this situation?

The team’s normal starter, Blain Tuepker, will be going on vacation, which has been planned for quite some time, Getsee said. 

Sam Heggemann, who shares time with Tuepker, is out for the rest of the season with a lingering AC joint injury. He’s trying to heal up prior to the start of the high school sports fall season. Heggemann plays quarterback for St. Francis Borgia Regional.

“He’s out for the rest of the season for sure since his, and all players’ health, is always going to be our No. 1 priority,” Getsee said.

The Washington Post 218 program has two younger teams, but Getsee doesn’t know if the answer lies with those squads.

“The AA team does have two catchers, but they have quite a few games, and one of them is nursing a tender back,” Getsee said.

Getsee said others also have offered to help, but doesn’t want anyone trying to do too much at the strenuous position.

“I did have some players offer to try, but that could easily lead to another injury,” Getsee said.

So, while there is a potential solution to the problem, catcher is expected to be an area of concern for the short term.