Add the Union Swim Team to the list of teams which will not have a 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Squids decided to cancel the season following Monday’s Union Board of Aldermen meeting. The decision to close the pool proved to be the final straw.

“After checking with city hall, they confirmed that Union will not be having a swim team this summer,” Cassie Rice, of the Union Swim Team Board, said. “I was also told that the board of aldermen will be revisiting opening our city pool for a shortened season at the next meeting on June 8, but that would not include fielding a swim team.”

Union joins Washington in not fielding a swim team for the 2020 season. Washington announced its pool would not open as the city works to demolish the current pool to build a new facility.

That leaves Pacific as the only area swim team planning to compete this summer.

Pacific Head Coach Kathleen Westfall said the Pacific Board of Aldermen is expected to make a decision May 19.

Westfall said the Gateway Swimming and Diving League should decide before that time.

“We should know this weekend or sooner what the Gateway Swim League has determined,” Westfall said. 

Like Union and Washington, Pacific is a member of the Gateway Swimming and Diving League Spitz Division.

With at least two teams dropping out, it’s unknown whether changes will need to be made to the league format for this summer.

Washington is the defending division champion. Pacific hosts the championship meet.

Other teams slated to compete in the Spitz Division this summer are Oaks Landing of Fenton, Whispering Hills and Lake of the Woods.

Pacific currently is scheduled to host Lake of the Woods June 29. Road meets are at Oaks Landing and Whispering Hills. Pacific is scheduled to host the division meet July 11.

Pacific also has a diving team with two home meets this season.

The home meets are set for June 13 and June 27. The one road meet is at Missouri Athletic Club West June 20. The division meet is July 12 at Cool Dell.