The Illinois Tractor Pulling Association closed out a full day at the Washington Town & Country Fair Saturday with six divisions.

The evening session followed the garden tractors and field class tractors.

Winners were as follows:

• 1,950-pound mini rod — Zach Jasper won the event with a pull of 380.23 feet.

Mitchell Phipps was second at 322.63 feet while TJ Turner was third at 299.78 feet.

• 5,800-pound modified — Glenn McMunn captured the class at 335.24 feet.

John Young was the runner-up at 330.19 feet while Bill Bales was third at 329.63 feet.

Fourth went to Neil Roberts at 316.70 feet and Dylan Frerking took fifth at 314.40 feet.

• 6,000-pound super stock — Bernie Platz was the winner at 287.32 feet.

Finishing second was Jeff Justus at 275.41 feet. Steve Yearian II placed third at 264.10 feet.

Rounding out the top five were Perry Dreckshage at 258.44 feet and Steve Johnson at 245.55 feet.

• 8,500-pound limited pro stock — Brent Schorfheide won at 320.45 feet.

Allen Scheer was second at 319.46 feet while Brandon Mayer was third at 318.75 feet.

Placing fourth was Dan Bartling at 315.53 feet and Wayne Tedder was fifth at 310.14 feet.

There were 12 entries in the class.

• 9,500-pound limited pro stock — Pat Mosley was the winner at 324.28 feet.

Placing second was Jonathan Meier at 322.84 feet. Leon Hellebusch was third at 321.78 feet.

Randy Stuckenschneider was fourth at 321.44 feet with Mike Johannes ending fifth at 320.20 feet.

There were 17 pullers in the class.

• 10,000-pound pro stock — Dennis Schnitker was the champion at 332.63 feet. 

Rodney Schnitker placed second at 321.14 feet. Ending third was Dennis Schaubert at 318.95 feet. Ken Couch ended fourth at 310.48 feet and Clarence Kozuszek rounded out the class at 297.76 feet.