Two days of pulling events at the Washington Town & Country Fair kicked off Friday, Aug. 9, with the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League Western Series.

Seven classes took place during the night.

• Light Limited Super Stock Tractors — Z-Ride, piloted by Steve Zenz of Lancaster, Wis., won with a pull of 303.20 feet, edging out New Generation Harvester of Curryville’s Ben Klott. Klott ended at 301.26 feet.

Hayden Otto of Iberia took third and fourth with Sharon’s Night Mare pulling 291.41 feet and Blue Power Express ending at 266.10 feet.

Sweet Dreams, driven by Steven Johnson of Gerald, was fifth at 261.60 feet.

Six tractors pulled with one being disqualified for going over the sideline.

• Pro Farm Tractors — Kahoka puller Luke Ross won with a distance of 316.16 feet on Livin’ On a Prayer.

Tim Wiederholt of Guilford was second at 312.26 feet on Lil’ Weed.

Smokin’ Weed of Scott Wiederholt from Bolckow was third at 311.61 feet.

Stephen Stoll’s Red Majesty ran fourth at 308.35 feet. He’s from Stanberry.

Eagleville puller Charlie Henson was fifth on State Line Hooker at 307.49 feet.

There were 17 pullers in the class.

• Light Pro Stock Tractors — Just over five feet separated the top two tractors in this class.

Just Getting Started, driven by Justin Hopkins of Promise City, Iowa, won at 307.48 feet.

Demented Buck, driven by Chad Richardson of Hallsville, was second at 302.41 feet.

Paris driver Justin Edwards placed third on Runnin’ Ragged at 294.55 feet.

Fourth place went to Osborn’s Justin Grimes on Just Another Buck at 291.16 feet.

Chris Neisen of Lewistown placed fifth on Total Recall 2 at 288.21 feet.

There were six pullers in the class.

• Limited Pro Stock Tractors — The night’s biggest class had 19 tractors with the margin of victory being over 14 feet.

The winner was Hickory Hooker, driven by Trenton’s Adrian Cox, at 316.41 feet.

Richard Warren of Stotts City, placed second on Cotton Mouth at 302.01 feet.

Douglas Ruth of Downing was third on Ruthless Binder at 300.67 feet.

Fourth place went to Jay Shafer of Troy on Red Storm at 300.58 feet. Milan puller Pat Mosley was fifth on Black Mamba at 297.94 feet, 0.26 of a foot in front of Marthasville’s Jacob Hellebusch.

• 85 Limited Pro Stock Tractors — Top puller among the 13 in the class was The Unknown, driven by Chris Bates of Keswick, Iowa, at 324.84 feet.

New Haven’s Andrew Toelke was second on Wives Nightmare at 322.65 feet.

Another Iowa entry, Now or Never, was third. Otto Peterson of Corning, Iowa, pulled 319.03 feet.

Beaufort’s Henry Frueh pulled 318.16 feet to take fourth on Sleepy Binder.

Family Tradition, driven by Berger’s Bryan Gerling, was fifth at 313.73, edging out New Haven’s Allen Scheer by just under 3.5 feet.

• Limited Pro Stock Diesel — The truck pulling portion of the event had 10 entries.

Winning was Sketchy Hooker, a Chevrolet, driven by Colbi Seth of Revere. The winning distance was 295.57 feet.

Chad Perkins drove a Chevrolet called Perkins Diesel to second place at 293.17 feet.

Jason Guedde of Holden took the Dodge Disposable Pleasure to third place at 287.32 feet.

Fourth place went to Cole Matthews of Faucett in a Chevrolet named 8 Envy at 287.26 feet.

St. Joseph puller Chris Barton was fifth at 284.78 feet in a Chevrolet named All Too Risky.

There were 10 pullers in the class with all going at least 244.59 feet.

• Super/Pro Stock Combo — Seven entries competed in this event with Cotton Pick’n Deere of Jackson, Tenn., puller Chris Couch winning at 330.21 feet.

Hoyleton, Ill., puller Dennis Schnitker was second at 316.00 feet on Bite-N-Binder.

Chris Schaubert of Shattuc, Ill., was third on The Hunted at 304.43 feet.

Williamsburg’s Braden Shramek was the top Missouri puller on Legacy at 302.11 feet.

Fifth place went to Montgomery City’s Tony Wortman on Tapped Out at 298.72 feet.