A total of 10 points separated two sets of Tigers Friday at the St. James Relays.

The host version of the Tigers scored 134.5 points to win the boys side of the meet. Salem’s visiting Tigers placed second with 124 points.

St. Clair placed third with 94.5 points. 

Steelville (75.5), Pacific (74), Cuba (32) and Bourbon (4.5) rounded out the field.

Heights and distances were recorded in meters for this meet. MSHSAA is making a transition from feet to meters this season. 

• 100-meter dash — Salem’s Kaden Coffman (11.48) won the event, followed by St. James’ Kaiden Snyder (11.68) and Pacific’s Sach Wolf (11.76).

• 200-meter dash — St. James’ James Altis won the race in 24.0. St. Clair’s Skyler Sanders (24.09) was second and St. James’ Blake Redburn (24.14) third.

• 400-meter dash — Pacific’s Vincent Hoffman won in 53.81. Finishing second and third were Salem’s John Myslinski (54.0) and St. James’ Silas Redburn (56.08).

• 800-meter run — Steelville’s Conner Diaz won in 2:06.26. Pacific’s Collin Haley (2:14.6) was second, followed by Steelville’s Ty Merseal (2:15.9).

• 1,600-meter run — Diaz won again in 4:49.55. St. Clair’s Case Busse (4:56.78) finished second and Steelville’s Merseal (5:02.75) third.

• 3,200-meter run — St. Clair’s Tommy Perkins set the pace with a time of 11:31.41, followed by a pair of St. James runners — Luke Shields (12:11.75) and Joseph Burns (12:14.77).

• 110-meter high hurdles — Pacific’s Wolf remained unbeaten in the event on the season with a time of 15.99. St. James’ Kaiden Snyder (17.18) finished second and Cuba’s Gavin Dake (19.18) third.

• 300-meter intermediate hurdles — Snyder won for St. James in 43.41. Wolf  (44.99) was the runner up with Salem’s Dawson Mock (46.81) taking third.

• 400-meter relay — St. James won in 45.90, followed by Salem (46.73) and St. Clair (47.56).

• 800-meter relay — St. Clair took first place in 1:36.96. Steelville (1:40.52) and St. James (1:42.42) rounded out the top three.

• 1,600-meter relay — St. James outpaced everyone in 3:38.13. Salem (3:47.93) took second and Pacific (3:53.28) third.

• 3,200-meter relay — Steelville won in 8:58.35, followed by St. Clair (9:27.11) and Salem (10:48.22).

• Shot put — Salem’s Nathan Pyle had the top throw of 14.47, followed by Salem’s Lucas Morrison (12.16) and Cuba’s Brian Declue (12.01).

• Discus — Pyle again made the top heave of 43.39. Cuba’s Tucker Brown (38.28) finished second and St. James’ Altis (37.74) third.

• High jump — St. Clair’s Trenton Balderson won with a height of 1.75. St. James’ Peyton Gruver and Salem’s Taytan Barton tied for second at 1.55.

• Long jump — St. James’ Blake Redburn had the longest distance of 6.46. A pair of St. Clair jumpers took second and third — Balderson (6.04) and Austin Dunn (5.9).

• Triple jump — Dunn won with a jump of 12.26, followed by St. James’ Silas Redburn (11.81) and Salem’s Mock (11.4).

• Pole vault — Salem’s Caden Camden cleared 3.65 for the top finish. Pacific’s Warren Fiedler (3.5) and Stephen Hoerchler (3.05) finished second and third.

No javelin results were reported from this meet.