Call it a dress rehearsal for next week’s Four Rivers Conference meet.

All eight Four Rivers Conference schools were among the runners Tuesday at the annual Owensville Invitational.

The Four Rivers Conference meet takes place next Tuesday in New Haven.

When the final points were tallied, Hermann won the girls title with 70 points while Fatima claimed the boys team title at 55 points.

Individual winners were Hermann’s Dalton Gleeson (16:59.39) and Owensville’s Mekayla Gibson (20:36.80).

The top four girls teams were Four Rivers Conference schools. Union was second at 107 points. The Lady ’Cats were followed by Owensville (124), Pacific (134), Steelville (147), New Haven (168), Fatima (169), Sullivan (173), Chamois (205) and Cuba (216) in the top 10.

Other girls teams were St. Clair (224), Lighthouse Prep (237) and South Callaway (305).

On the boys side, following Fatima in the top five were Hermann (64), Union (111), Steelville (113) and Owensville (117).

Next were Pacific (142), St. Clair (198), St. James (222), Belle (223), South Callaway (230), Rolla (239) and Lighthouse Prep (314).

Union Head Coach Sarah Meiners said it was a challenging course.

“The course was more difficult than it seemed just looking on a map,” she said. “There were many turns and a bout through the woods where no fans could go. I think this made for some slower times at this meet. Regardless, I thought we raced fairly well, with just a few hiccups on each side.”

St. Clair Head Coach Ben Martin said the runners had to cope with the weather. 

“I think it was our hottest meet of the year and times across the board and all teams looked affected,” Martin said.

“Overall, we were pleased with the Pacific runners and thought they competed hard at Owensville,” Pacific Head Coach Justin Perriguey said. “It was not our best team performance of the year.  We were missing a few runners, but they will be back soon.”


Sullivan’s Emily Williman was second on the girls side in 20:49.82 while Hermann’s Morgan Miller was third at 21:33.16.

Following Cuba’s Kaylee Fulliam (23:38.41) was Union’s Ella Coppinger (21:41.88).

Next were Hermann’s Katy Menke (21:42.34), Fatima’s Emma Bower (22:00.19), Hermann’s Clara Scheible (22:14.88) and Chamois’ Katie Keilholz (22:18.11).

New Haven’s top runner was Emma McIntyre, who placed 10th in 22:21.24.

Union’s other runners were Anna Brakefield (11th in 22:22.14), Kelsey Brake (18th in 23:04.82), Jessi Clark (21st in 23:15.76), Olivia Mehringer (58th in 26:28.95), Emma Tucker (62nd in 26:38.01) and Lillie Zimmermann (78th in 29:00.03).

“Anna Brakefield went out well, but got turned around at one of the turns and went the wrong direction which resulted in her being about 10 places back from normal,” Meiners said. “Ella Coppinger raced well and earned top five,” said Meiners. “Jessi Clark and Kelsey Brake were a little farther back than what they were aiming for, but they still placed fairly well. For Emma Tucker (our last scoring position), this was the first race after being quarantined for two weeks. She did not race where she wanted to, but she is getting back in the groove of things this week.”

Pacific was led by a three-runner pack which finished 22nd through 24th.

Katie Prada led the way at 23:17.48. Ryan Murphy was next in 23:20.37. Carly Vaughn was the third member of the pack, crossing the line in 23:31.12.

Pacific’s other runners were Amber Graf (31st in 24:05.47), Riley Vaughn (45th in 25:23.11) and Jaylynn Miller (60th in 26:29.83).

“The Pacific varsity girls were led by a trio of Katie Prada, Rhyan Murphy and Carly Vaughn who finished near one another,” Perriguey said. “Amber Graf and Riley Vaughn rounded out or scoring positions.” 

Others running for New Haven were Caroline Otten (33rd in 24:17.60), Gracie Steele (37th in 24:26.08), Emily Delgado (48th in 25:33.54), Hannah Borcherding (50th in 25:43.96) and Haleigh Nieman (76th in 28:40.49).

“Overall I was pleased with our performance,” New Haven Head Coach John Tucker said. “We had a few set PRs and everyone gave their best effort. I was hoping our girls team would run better but our No. 1 runner made a wrong turn on the course and she lost some places which affected our team score.”

Arin Halmich (34th in 24:18.38) and Hanna Spoon (35th in 24:19.10) led St. Clair’s runners.

The Lady Bulldogs also had Elixis Wholgemuth (47th in 25:29.97), Ella Edsel (67th in 27:25.31), Berlyn Wohlgemuth (82nd in 29:17.55), Chloe Machen (84th in 30:11.26), Taylor Sikes (88th in 30:48.11), Riley Ostendorf (93rd in 31:49.19) and Emily Oligschlaeger (99th in 40:26.43) running.

“This was only Hanna Spoon’s second race of the season,” Martin said. “I was just glad to see her out running again.”


Following Gleeson, Steelville’s Conner Diaz (17:21.52) and Fatima’s Lucas Laux (17:23.82) were Union’s Gabriel Hoekel (17:42.14) and Dominick Beine (17:43.84), rounding out the top five.

St. Clair’s Case Busse was sixth at 18:04.08.

The rest of the top 10 were Fatima’s Jake Boyce (18:16.33), Pacific’s Collin Haley (18:21.67), Fatima’s Dean Hagenhoff (18:22.19) and Hermann’s Austin Terry (18:22.53).

Union’s other runners were Hayden Monroe (20th in 19:18.62), Lucas Hoekel (26th in 19:35.09), Kyle Cudney (68th in 22:24.90) and Cole Cudney (70th in 22:38.31).

“Gabe and Dominick went out aggressive and raced competitively and, as a result they were able to place high,” Meiners said. “Hayden Monroe and Lucas Hoekel got boxed in from the start and had some difficulty moving up through the race. Kyle and Cole Cudney ran their first varsity race and competed well.”

Following Haley for Pacific were Benjamin Brunjes (29th in 19:43.29), Joey Gebel (33rd in 19:50.29), Dylan Mooney (37th in 20:05.91), Nolan Gebel (45th in 20:38.93) and Noah Carrico (59th in 21:21.18).

“The Pacific varsity boys team was led once again by Collin Haley,” Perriguey said. “Collin followed up a good performance on Saturday at Potosi with another strong race. Collin was followed by Ben Brunjes, Joe Gebel, Dylan Mooney and Nolan Gebel. All four of those boys finished within a minute of each other. If we can get all of them to run faster together over the next couple of weeks, we should be in good shape at our Class 4 District meet.”

St. Clair’s other varsity runners were Austin Tobben (39th in 20:17.45), Jonathan Brewer (46th in 20:39.66), Aiden McCormack (52nd in 20:51.68), Kainalu Souza (75th in 22:54.65), Ryan Bozada (77th in 23:46.49) and Tony Kingston (83rd in 25:23.14).

“I was really happy with Austin Tobben and Kai Souza; they both PRed for life today,” Martin said. “Austin has worked really hard for everything and is a super nice guy, so I am glad to see him have continued success.”

New Haven had four varsity runners, one short of being able to compile a team score.

Logan Williams led the way, placing 14th in 18:57.20. The other three were Hunter Tallent (18th in 19:08.96), Andrew Rethemeyer (38th in 20:11.05) and Charlie Roth (41st in 20:28.07).