When the 2019 spring baseball season ended, Washington Head Coach Scott Bray could not have been aware that he would not coach another official game for the team.

Bray was returning as the team’s coach this season before it was pre-empted as schools shut down to fight the COVID-19 pandemic and MSHSAA canceled all remaining activities through the end of the school year.

However, Bray will not return as the team’s coach in 2021, instead stepping away to have more time for his family.

“I really wanted to coach this year as I feel that this group was going to be special, but we can’t control what is going on in the world right now,” Bray said. “It was not the way to go out but I feel this is the best decision for me and my family.”

Bray became the Washington head coach in 2005 after four years as an assistant.

This would have been Bray’s 16th season as head coach.

“I have had a lot of fun coaching kids for 20 years, but it was time for me to move on,” Bray said. “I have two kids of my own that are very active in sports and I want to be around them more as they get older.”

From 2005-2019, the Blue Jays played to a 147-202 record.

Washington had the most wins of Bray’s tenure during a 15-11 campaign in 2013.

“I had a lot of very good memories and some really good games,” Bray said. “I got to see some players do some amazing things on and off the field.”