Are you ready for some football? Baseball? Soccer? Basketball? Any live sports?

By the time you read this, it will be 6 1/2 weeks since we’ve had a local athletic contest. Sullivan’s Class 4 quarterfinal girls basketball game in Bolivar against Carl Junction March 14 was the most recent local sports event.

Right now, the question is when will things start to move back to normal? How soon is too soon?

It’s a massive balancing act right now. We’re in the grayest of gray areas. We’ve never been in this spot before. It’s not quite make up the rules as we go along, but it’s in that category.

No matter what decisions are made, there are going to be people who aren’t happy with the decision. I guess that’s why the politicians get the big money.

I don’t like to get political, but we really need to cut out what clearly are partisan arguments. Right now, there is one enemy, this coronavirus. Let’s beat that first before we start beating up on each other again.

Right now, the biggest sport might be walking, but there’s nothing competitive to that. A lot of people are out there trying to exercise, which is a good thing (as long as they are socially distanced and try to avoid having too many in one location).

Over the past four weeks, I’ve walked roughly 188 miles. I’m probably not alone. I would venture that lots of you reading this have increased your daily distances as well.

We’ve come a distance since we’ve started the sports halt, and we’ve got a distance to go before sports resume once again. We’ll get through it. Be strong.

Whether that means we’ll have sports in the summer is still to be seen. It’s possible there will be a clash between the spring high school sports teams and traditional summer programs. MSHSAA left the door open for potential high school intermural events this summer. It’s still much too early to tell how this will play out though.

Will high school teams replace club programs? What will happen with American Legion baseball?

Right now, we know there will be no Legion World Series or regional events. 

For the rest, it might be too early to tell.

Missouri has stated it will hold a season with state tournaments being the final level. Washington is scheduled to host the Junior Legion State Tournament this year. Ballwin is supposed to have the Freshman Tournament while Sedalia remains the Senior Tournament host.

Hopefully, we have sports in some form, when it’s deemed safe. It would be a good way to help the world get back to a normal feeling.

That’s an impressive playground being built over by Rotary Recreational Complex - Ronsick Field. Hopefully, it will have some protection.

That’s in prime foul ball range, especially for line drives hacked off by right-handed hitters. It’s in that one area not quite covered by a fence or net on a line from the plate. It probably wouldn’t take much, but the city will have to do something about that hazard.

It’s not a new issue. I can remember seeing old papers from the 1950s where it was mentioned the playground equipment was too close to the baseball field.