It has not been that great of a year, 2020.

With so much going wrong in the past five months, it can be difficult to find reasons to stay positive.

With many major professional, college and high school sports losing portions or the whole of their seasons this year, there has been little to look forward to.

In order to find a light in the dark, one might have to look beyond their normal zones of comfort.

That’s something I’ve done with the game of baseball as while we remain without Major League Baseball or a definitive plan for that league to return to the field, I’ve spent a few weekend mornings watching replays of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) games on ESPN.

To watch the KBO games live, one would typically need to be awake around 2-3 a.m.

While not the same as having real fans in attendance or being able to attend a professional game myself as a fan, in addition to the plus of being able to watch the games, it has been very amusing to see how each team elects to fill the stands in their stadium.

For some, it’s with enlarged cutouts of celebrities’s heads. For others, each seat behind the plate is filled with a stuffed animal, many of which are recognizable from American popular culture franchises.

It’s nice just to be able to sit in one’s favorite comfy chair in the living room with their beverage of choice and just be able to enjoy the game again. Even if I don’t know the players or the teams, baseball is a universal language.

I’ve also found myself gravitating more heavily toward local baseball games, even when I’m not on the clock.

While watching professional games on TV is very nice, little can compare to immersing yourself in a close game while there in person.

We have a number of quality local teams that have decided to participate in the league organized by Washington Post 218’s Kent Getsee.

Games have been very well attended through the first three weeks of the season and it feels like a good first step toward things at least partially normalizing again.

The three Post 218 teams are each playing a very robust home schedule in addition to each age level taking turns in hosting a tournament at Rotary Recreational Complex - Ronsick Field each of the past three weekends.

While not playing any home games, Union has four teams among the three levels that fans can still follow.

Pacific (A and AA) and New Haven (AA and AAA) each have a pair of teams as well. Both of them are playing a number of their games at home.

Fans of the league can also follow the Midwest Rage, a AA squad comprised of mainly Washington players, which plays its home games just across the river in Dutzow.

Sullivan has one entry, at the AAA level, and joined the league at the start of June, planning to host some of its games this summer. Which field that will occur on remained unclear as the team started its schedule.

A variety of teams from beyond Franklin County in Rhineland, Eureka, Elsberry, St. Peters, Kirkwood and St. Louis are also involved in the league. Alton is even joining in from across the Mississippi.

Enjoy it as much as possible this summer because we don’t know yet for sure what the fall is going to hold, who will be allowed to play and who might be left wishing they were.