To The Editor:

To the board members at the Washington High School who decided for the Junior Jays Washington football teams (grades fourth through eighth):

I think it is just awful that Washington High School would not turn on its scoreboard for the younger football players during their football season. All it had to do was turn it on. The coaches or coaches’ assistants or anyone could have easily kept score. The scoreboard was the only requirement for the Junior Jays to have Washington as their home team location.

WHS board members knew that by not letting the Junior Jays use the scoreboard, the home games would have to be played in O’Fallon or St. Peters. That is ridiculous. The other schools turned on their scoreboards for their kids.

If I recall, the scoreboard itself wasn’t even paid for by WHS. It was donated by various vendors throughout our community. 

This wasn’t COVID related, this was just plain mean-spirited. I would still like to know who makes these decisions and make the residents aware also. That was not necessary.

I hope whomever made that decision is not on the board next year as we continue to struggle with COVID, our students and our athletic teams.

Kathy Randall

Grandma of Three Junior Jays