To The Editor:

I was at the county commission meeting yesterday (Jan. 14) to hear citizens ask politely and give their reasons for not approving a new county planning and zoning map. Keep in mind, their own planning and zoning commission had recommended not approving the new map.

I’ve been around politics and politicians for a long time and should have known better than to hope the three men up there with all the power would do the right thing. Friends told me the fix was in, but I still thought maybe, just maybe, they would at least reconsider.

So, now Franklin County is open to all kinds of development, including those inhumane, polluting CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations). At this point, it’s only a possibility, but who knows.

The commissioner with the gavel must have felt very strongly about the new zoning map because, after we citizens made our 3-minute statements opposing it, he went off on a tirade about how hard they worked to publicize opportunities for citizens to speak up and no one did. He complained angrily that his wife had to take calls about this issue, that citizens had threatened lawsuits over the new map, and he also took a pretty good swipe at this newspaper.

Bottom line: You get what you vote for.