To The Editor:

Tuesday night, July 20, even after submission of a petition of 992 residents (there are 4,408 local registered voters) against it, the Pacific Board of Aldermen passed the parcel zoning change from R1C to R1B zoning, permitting the construction of The Arbors at Brush Creek. The board chamber was full. Some camped outside in lawn chairs. During debate, 190 people watched on the city’s Facebook channel.

Forty-five homes were approved. Some usable lot sizes were made smaller to allow for sidewalk and a future turn lane. McBride Homes committed to provide a builder cost share for street improvements. Brian Vatterott, of the board of adjustment, protested, noting some lot sizes will now be up to 2,000 square feet under code. People along Highway N and Old Gray Summit roads now worry city emergency services will be impacted by bottlenecked traffic on Lamar Parkway.

My concern is two-fold. First, who will buy new homes so close to the cross-state mainline of the UP Railroad? Secondly, this hillside property will drain storm runoff destined for Brush Creek with little land absorption. The approved mitigation is a dry detention pond. Does McBride know of occasional 7- and 9-inch rains in 24 hours in the last 25 years? I saw and measured them. Missouri has progressively increased average rainfalls over those years. What happens when another frog strangler hits?

There are other measures of community success than just head count. One is government taking into account the will of the people they represent. “Let the general good of the people be the supreme law” is written on every Missouri flag this bicentennial year. Why are the representatives not listening?

Jo Schaper