To The Editor:

It is incredibly hard to believe and absolutely mind-boggling that in this modern day and age, with not just one but two excellent vaccines available, each with a miraculously effective protection rate of around 95 percent, that nearly half of the U.S. eligible population chooses to, in effect, revert to Dark Ages behavior and shun the protection in favor of ridiculously false, denying and outright misleading propaganda that is so rife on social media.

The medical professionals know what they are doing, as evidenced by the many happy individuals protected by a couple of easy-to-take inoculations who are now safely and thankfully going about their lives normally and freely. Meanwhile, the rest, choosing to remain unprotected, needlessly gamble on their chances of catching the virus and/or being in effect prisoners in their restricted world by the virus, which obviously is not going away on its own but only through vaccination.

Had everyone eligible for the vaccinations taken advantage of the quick, available protection at the outset, the virus could have been snuffed out in short order. As it is, we keep needlessly and foolishly having to endure wave after wave of surges of the devastating virus as the unvaccinated continue to spread the virus, not only keeping themselves at dangerous risk but also failing to protect countless others whom they could easily help protect.

Gene Biermann