To The Editor:

To the masked ones: There are only a few of you in each class, in the crowded hallways of your school building, where it is as if the pandemic were a dream, as if it never happened or maybe happened once but is no more.

As if thousands didn’t die, or only the very old and the very unfit who, some say, would have died anyway.

As if thousands weren’t crowding the hospitals this very day.

Some think masks are concealing your expression, your smile, muffling your words.

But no — your mask is revealing.

Your mask reveals ...

A person who believes in science and knows the history of vaccines against crippling disease.

A person who can do what you believe to be right even when pressured to do otherwise.

A person who is compassionate, protecting both loved ones and strangers.

A person who will sacrifice your own comfort for the common good.

In short, your mask reveals your character.

So thank you, masked ones.

I admire you.

Paige Byrne Shortal