To The Editor:

Throughout the last couple of decades of my teaching career, I’ve noticed a slow boil in the bashing (for lack of a better term) of educators as a whole.

It began with teacher tenure squabbles, backed by big money, and has grown inch by inch until it’s now bashing because some schools want to keep kids healthy, physically and emotionally, and (horror), that dreaded critical race theory, which only exists as a philosophy in universities, not as some brain-washing tripe set to make kids feel guilty.

Do I sound sarcastic? Yes, I am. Because I’m tired.

My own daughters, now in their early 30s, experienced teachers who went above and beyond for them.

I’ve witnessed from my own colleagues teachers who bought shoes for kids who didn’t have nice shoes, teachers who made sure kids got to school, teachers who stayed two to three hours late planning, teachers who went to kids’ ball games, teachers who attended kids’ funerals, teachers who listened, teachers who supported parents who were frustrated, teachers who spoke gently, teachers who loved unconditionally and teachers who knew every kid had potential.

Yes, there are teachers who do damage. I’d rather focus on the true educators: the ones who have adults come to them 10 to 40 years later and say, “You made a difference.”

To those former colleagues: Thank you. I’ve got your back.

Karen Stafford