To The Editor:

The sky is not falling.

A response to “A dark anger at political system” on page 5B of the Feb. 8-9 issue.

You sound like a hysteric parroting MSNBC or CNN. Where are the examples to back up your complaints? You’ve breezed over much that makes President Trump a standout from his predecessor — a thriving economy, oil independence, a defense of American values like faith, respect for human life, and love of country, and above all, a determination to protect our borders. These are the things President Trump was elected to do, and he’s doing them.

Correcting unfair international arrangements, be they in trade or ineffective treaties — think Paris Climate Accord, Iran Deal, NAFTA, NATO — is not “turning inward.” You seem to be confused by the terms “immigrant” and “illegal alien.” When they’re illegal, they’re “detained” because the law requires it, and they have no right to be here.

As for the “existential threat” of climate change, you might consider, 1) what differing climate scientists Richard Lindzen and Bjorn Lomborg think, and 2) how all the previous predictions of catastrophic climate change, both warming and cooling, turned out.

As for the cause of increased polarization, look no further than President Obama, a man who squandered a unique opportunity to heal racial divide and instead stirred up anger and resentment whether in the case of Ferguson, Mo., Trayvon Martin, or Professor Henry Louis Gates.

Henny Penny, there are many Americans who are pleased with President Trump’s accomplishments, and I can assure you the sun is shining brightly and the sky won’t fall.