To The Editor:

We are in a national crisis with the coronavirus outbreak. The problem is that we have a king president and an administration that refused to acknowledge the existence of the problem.

The Obama health secretary informed the Trump administration five times about the possibility of a health concern. Trump’s hatred for anything Obama, decided to abolish the White House pandemic team in 2018. When asked about it, Trump said, “That is a nasty question.” Because of this action, the response to the coronavirus was set back for two months.

In January, Trump was informed about the deadly virus, but refused any action. He blamed it on the Democrats and called it a “hoax.” Fox TV and the Republican Party went along supporting King Trump. He said it would be over in two weeks and not to worry, another lie added to the over 16,000 lies since his inauguration. Many of the scientists and doctors working on the pandemic wishes that King Trump would not be present at the CDC announcements because they need to go back and refute his lies.

Everyone is afraid to make suggestions to the president, who appears to know it all. His gut, which is very large, tells him what to do. Well, it is time for the president to step aside and get out of the way. He needs to stop talking because sometimes when he does, the stock market tanks even further, confusion emerges and everything he says has to be cleaned up. Enough is enough!

“The buck stops here” was the sign on President Harry Truman’s desk. The sign on Donald Trump’s desk must read: “The buck stops anywhere but here.” The buck stops in the Oval Office and lies will not change it.