To The Editor:

The evidence that President Donald Trump committed impeachable acts is more than overwhelming. He used his office to pressure a foreign government to investigate a political rival. King Trump got caught and then he and his administration tried to cover it up.

Attorney General William Barr spent millions of our tax money traveling all over the world looking for damaging information on the Bidens, but could not find anything. The Trump administration is corrupt. Seventeen of Trump’s appointees proved under oath that Trump tried to cover up his crimes.

Now we have the Senate trial which is a sham. How can you have a trial when Moscow Mitch McConnell, Senate speaker, will not allow witnesses or documents to be entered? Also, to hold the meetings into 1, 2 and 3 o’clock in the morning so that we, the people, will not stay up for the hearings and not see or hear the truth of crimes concerning King Trump. Trump, with McConnell’s help, is now an arm of the Senate trial proceedings.

I urge Sens. Roy Blunt and Josh Hawley to do their duty and uphold the oath they took to defend the Constitution. Our very democracy is at stake. We either have a rule of law for all or not. Trump should not be above the law, even though many Republicans believe he should, like Blunt and Hawley, if they don’t impeach him. King Trump says he has the right to do whatever he wants. This is the same right given to kings and dictators such as Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia.

We cannot let Trump continue his course against the Constitution and our country. Republicans in office are afraid of Trump’s vengeance if they don’t completely agree with him on everything he says or does. People only fear dictators and kings, not a president. The Republican Party is now the Trump Party.

The Senate members took an oath before the Senate trial to be fair and honest to both parties. We all know that McConnell has made it a sham. The Republicans have shown their disregard for truth, the Constitution, to the people and most of all to God.