To The Editor:

It looks like our state government has pulled a big April Fools’ Day joke on all of us, especially the approximately 230,000 Missourians who would have benefited from Medicaid expansion and the additional health care the measure was to provide them.

In 2020, Amendment 2/Medicaid expansion was passed statewide by a clear 53 percent majority. But here is the joke: Our Republican legislators refused to budget the needed funding even though much would be covered by federal money.

I am sure that the legislators respected the voters that elected them to office, so why don’t they respect the vote of the people that legally used the voter initiative process to pass Amendment 2/Medicaid expansion?

Republicans continue to refuse to take advantage of the Medicaid expansion program that has been wisely implemented in 39 of the 50 states. Missouri continues to strengthen its position as one of the nation’s more backward-thinking states.

Alan Bell

New Haven