To The Editor:

To the citizens of Franklin County: I am angry and disgusted by the demonstration on Aug. 5 in Washington. I’m not disgusted with people demonstrating or protesting. It’s our right. The reason is disturbing: “We refuse to be required to be vaccinated!”

Everyone has a choice regarding vaccination, and there may be a few good reasons for not getting vaccinated. Primarily what I see, however, is the politicization of a public health issue. Regarding the protest, the refusal is coming from health care workers who may lose their employment if they’re not vaccinated.

Frankly, you are health care workers in a county spiking in COVID-19 cases. You’ve cared for people who have died from this. The virus keeps mutating, rapidly spreading, putting at greater risk the elderly and our unvaccinated children.

So you may ask, why might we curb the freedoms we have, like the choice of vaccination? Well, when has freedom become an individual right that ignores the collective good? When have we not limited our freedoms, in manners as simple as speed limits, for the well-being of our community? Why should this be any different?

Everyone seeking care should know that those providing treatment care enough about them to be protected. You, as a health care provider, have a moral, ethical and professional responsibility to be the best you can be and to set an example for the patients you serve.

This pandemic requires us all to do what we can to confront a virus that is destroying lives and disrupting families, the economy and our well-being. Science can be trusted, and there is something you can do to change the outcome.

I write because I care about each person and your well-being. Please, get vaccinated so everyone can get back to living the full lives God intends us to live.

Rev. Bruce Moeller

United Church of Christ