To The Editor:

I would turn Jay Ashcroft’s wish for partisan local elections entirely on its head, and eliminate the listing of any parties on any ballot.

In the 19th century, parties may have been useful because of long distances and poor communication. Now they are a group of politicians who “gang up” for financing and influence. Party ideology is not consistent: “Socially liberal but fiscally conservative.” Where does someone like that fit? How can Joe Manchin and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez be in the same party or Mitt Romney and Donald Trump?

Today, any politician can post his platform, tell his biography, raise money, and communicate with potential constituencies for pennies per message, before and after the election. Eliminate parties, and you eliminate shadow people pulling strings.

I don’t have a favorite kind of non-partisan voting. All boil down to the voters pick the candidates and the voters pick the winner, based on what they say and do. Please put the donkey and elephant out to pasture forever.

Jo Schaper