To The Editor:

We would like to thank the administration, faculty, staff and school boards of both Washington High School and St. Francis Borgia Regional High School for their efforts in providing commencement exercises and proms for the graduating seniors of the 2020 class. It was no small task during these difficult times.

It is a credit to our entire community that we have two quality high schools.

Like many families in Washington, we have had children and grandchildren attend and graduate from each school. We all take pride in our rivalries and accomplishments. When we oppose each other, particularly in sporting events, the last thing we want to do is lose to the other school. That is as it should be!

But it is great to know that when the chips are down and things get tough, we live in a community that pulls together and works for the good of all.

Best wishes to all the 2020 graduates.

Proud grandparents of both Knights and Jays graduates,