To The Editor:

The pro-life movement has been very strong in Missouri. With that said, many Missourians have proven to be anti-vaccine and anti-masking, which is contrary to the pro-life message.

As life extends much beyond the embryo, we should be willing to take whatever steps are needed to ensure that our lives and the lives of others are not risked unnecessarily. As of Aug. 20, 10,202 Missourians have died from COVID, and yet only 43.9 percent of Missourians are fully vaccinated. That number would even be less if the state hadn’t bribed citizens with incentives to become vaccinated.

Everyone complains about the terrible effect the COVID pandemic has had on the economy and our everyday activities, but we are not willing to take the needed steps to end the pandemic. Instead, Missourians demonstrate en masse against school districts, businesses and local governments that have tried to enforce the steps needed to end this deadly infection. The blame now for the continued infection rates and deaths falls on those who have refused to do what was needed to stop the virus from the very beginning.

As long as Missourians and the rest of the U.S. refuse to vaccinate, this pandemic, with its pain and suffering, will be with us much longer.

Alan Bell

New Haven