To The Editor:

I’m pretty sure we are all familiar with what discussing religion or politics can do to any get-together.

Given what’s going on in our nation right now, I find it’s almost impossible to not end up talking politics.

The most common comment I’ve come across is, “This may be the first year I don’t vote.”

This amazes me every time I hear it, considering all of the concerns our society has about losing their rights and freedom by being asked to wear masks.

Let me explain the reason for my amazement.

People tell me they don’t like or agree with President Trump, but don’t want to vote for a Democrat. Do they not understand that by not voting they are actually giving away one of our greatest rights and freedoms?

Not voting is not the same as voting against something/someone. What it actually does is make the vote for the something/someone you don’t want count double. So, the “I’ll show them, I just won’t vote” thing feels good, but really it actually hurts. The other thing it does is sidelines you for the rest of the season. You really can’t complain or praise or even talk about it because you chose to sit on the bench or stay home.

I truly believe we each have the right to choose the sideline or get in the game, no questions asked. I also believe we should be aware of and weigh out what we choose and know why we choose it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat or Independent or anything else. The thing is, we need a president who will lead us and protect our way of life. If that means voting for your candidate or voting for the “lesser of two evils” that’s OK because it’s your right and privilege.

So, please don’t let yourself or others trick you into giving up your greatest freedom.

Please vote.