To The Editor:

America’s future just dodged a bullet. Donald Trump wanted a payroll tax cut as part of the coronavirus legislation. What would this do? Well, it will not help the unemployed, and the employed do not need help.

But wait! What about the elderly and seriously infirm? The payroll tax is what funds Social Security (which he has said he wants to eliminate). This tax currently supports 65 million people, 20 percent (or about 13 million) of whom depend on it for 100 percent of their income. Millions more depend on it for the majority of their income. How are the elderly and infirm to exist?

The tragedy of income loss due to coronavirus will devastate millions for a year or so. Eliminating Social Security will devastate multi-millions forever. Fortunately, Nancy Pelosi was able to negotiate this travesty out of legislation to help the current crisis.