To The Editor:

Are you tired of the media telling us what we should think? Are you tired of the ongoing attacks by the so-called political establishment in Washington, D.C., in particular of our president? Even before electing President Trump the frenzy started by the hysterical Democrats to impeach him. President Trump has been spied on, lied about, made fun of, insulted, ridiculed, mocked, threatened, and many other adjectives to describe the disdain for him.

We have seen the Hollywood know-it-alls and other celebrities want to blow up the White House, demand he be put in jail, and even threatened to torture his kids. No other president has had to endure what he has. You have to ask what is it that the Pelosis, the Schiffs, the Schumers, the George Soroses and let’s not forget the Hillary Clintons are afraid of? Aren’t these the same folks who loved Bill Clinton with his escapades involving cigars in the Oval Office and stains on the famous blue dress?

President Trump has repeatedly refused to play ball with the Washington elites. Unlike Clinton and Obama, he has not given pallets of cash to foreign counties and/or made millions off of disasters like the earthquake in Haiti.

From day one President Trump put America first and set about undoing what previous corrupt administrations did by selling out our country. He has stimulated our economy, created jobs, fought to secure our borders, renegotiated trade treaties and upended the Democratic Party’s agenda.

I truly believe there is such a thing as the Deep State. President Trump has them on the run. President Trump has emerged as a tenacious world leader. Unlike previous presidents, including Republicans, he can’t be bought and he doesn’t give in.

This impeachment hoax won’t work. In fact, I believe it is going to backfire. Just like trying to eliminate the Electoral College. We have seen how the elitists (the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing) work and they are failing. I can’t wait for John Durham and Bill Barr to make their move. Folks such as Jim Comey and Hillary Clinton might just be scrambling to cover their tails.

The patience of the American public is wearing thin. We aren’t as stupid as you think. Nov. 3, 2020, will be here before you know it.

I know the various critics are going to chew on this letter. Go ahead. Some of the points made were shared by Dr. James Veltmeyer from La Jolla, Calif., in San Diego County.