To The Editor:

Gov. Mike Parson is one of the few politicians I’ve seen who seems to use common sense. Most politicians want to alter our lives and tell us what to do. Gov. Parson has done the opposite.

All through his first term as governor, Parson has cut out unnecessary regulations and streamlined state government. He has started running Missouri more like a business, not a nanny state.

Last year, animal rights activists tried to shut down livestock farms by coming up with unscientific and fear-based claims. Gov. Parson pushed the state Legislature to pass science-based guidelines so these radical scare tactics could not override common sense.

Gov. Parson also has shown he will hold strong to his principles, even during a crisis. When meat processors had problems staying up and running this spring, he stepped in to help. He worked with the USDA to get inspectors on the job and to get PPE to employees. He cut through red tape to keep processors running safely and get meat back on the grocery store shelves.

We need more leadership like this in Missouri. I’m going to vote for Mike Parson on Nov. 3, and I urge you to do the same.

                 Rich Deppe