To The Editor:

A young Cuban probably doesn’t really know much about American government and why it is so bad for us average citizens.

It is not for a lack of voting. It is the result of corrupt politicians, lawyers, judges, unelected bureaucrats, and the lobbyists and big money contributors who own them. The vast majority of these groups couldn’t care less about the citizens and the republic they are supposed to represent. They care about their own special interests and the power required to further them.

Our Founding Fathers were very wise men. They knew that throughout history a government based on a simple majority vote would destroy itself as soon as 51 percent of the voters realized they could confiscate everything from the 49 percent minority. That is the reason that our U.S. Constitution was designed to create a republic and not a democracy like the liberals always want to refer to.

Here in Missouri, you do not even need to be a citizen of Missouri to influence and control elections to change the state constitution. Wealthy liberal billionaires . . . can use their money to create petitions that misrepresent their intentions, pay others to have foolish, unknowing persons sign those petitions, and then have a foolish, unknowing simple majority of voters change the state constitution. There are numerous examples of how this has been done successfully in recent years.

I am not criticizing the young Cuban, unfortunately he does not have access to an education to be able to understand bad government wherever it may be.

The citizens of Missouri do have the opportunity to understand but too many have chosen to allow the corruption that exists to continue because they think that short term they can take advantage of it.

They should study the last French revolution. It can be a very dangerous philosophy, long term.